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    Dachshund in green grass
    Breed Information


    Dachshunds, or sausage dogs, is a breed that originated in Germany. It has a long, low height body with pointed face and disproportionately large front paws. That is why they look slightly comical. But looks can be deceptive. It's a typical hound. They follow smell during hunting. They are friendly, courageous and very playful. These dogs are very good with children and very watchful. Their bark is like big dogs.

    Dachshund is perfect for Mumbai apartments. They can bear heat but it is better to keep them in AC in the midday time. They are very affectionate.

    Dachshund is a small breed. They are intelligent and at times stubborn (typical hound characteristic). It is a wonderful family dog. First timers may start with them as training and exercise needs are moderate. Children love dachshunds because they are tireless dogs full of energy.

    Grooming, exercise needs and life expectancy

    Dachshunds do not require much of grooming as their coat is short. They do not shed much if the nutrition is proper. They play throughout the day whether indoor or outdoor.

    Dachshunds are a healthy breed if properly bred. They tend to over eat and put on weight. If you provide proper nutrition and they play enough Dachshunds live beyond 18 years.


    Dachshunds are very good with their family. To strangers they can be a bit suspicious. They love to be within the family and play. Their stubborn side requires that their training starts early. Moreover, they must be socialised as much as possible. Very small children tend to treat them as toys whereas they are serious hunting dogs. Therefore, please instruct children about their serious nature. They are amazing dogs for outdoor activities and games.

    If a Dachshund is around you will never be bored. They are wonderful companions for outdoors.