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    Breed Information

    German Shepherd

    German Shepherd, as the name prompts, is a dog breed that originated in Germany to herd sheep. They are very self assured, courageous, extremely powerful and intelligent dog. These dogs are very good with children and other members of the family. GSD is a big nanny. One feels absolutely safe with a German Shepherd.

    GSD is a good pet for large sized apartments. If you are an active person only then you qualify to have a GSD at home. They can bear heat but it is better to keep them in AC in the midday time.

    GSD is a large breed. They are super intelligent and protective. It is a big boy's dog. First timers must not keep a GSD. They need training and exercise. When taken cared of GSD is probably the best companion in a person's life.

    Grooming, exercise needs and life expectancy

    GSDs do not require much of grooming. These dogs shed a lot and therefore require brushing. They need a lot of exercise and mental challenge. They need to do something serious, otherwise they become destructive. They need responsibility. They are working dogs. They cannot live like a couch potato.

    German Shepherd is a healthy breed if properly bred. Because of sheer popularity there is big demand for GSDs and hence breeders often do not stick to the proper breeding standards. Inbreeding etc., create a lot of health problems in these big dogs. If you provide proper nutrition, ensure regular exercise and puppy is responsibly bred GSDs live for 10 to 14 years.


    GSDs are very good with their own herd (family). They love to be within the family and be engaged in serious responsibilities. They are very intelligent and it is easy to train them. Their courage, strength and trainability make them ideal for serious work like law enforcement, disability-guidance, search and rescue, herding and protection. They are amazing dogs for outdoor activities and games.

    If a GSD is around no one in your family will ever feel unsafe ever and will always have a best companion for outdoors.