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    Golden Retriever dog holding a ball in its mouth
    Breed Information

    Golden Retriever

    Five words - beautiful, adorable, friendly, intelligent and loveable. It is such a good natured and friendly dog that they do not qualify to be a guard dog. They are friendly to everybody.

    Golden Retriever is such a lovely companion dog with huge size. They love people, love life, and are very intelligent. You can train them so well and they would love to make you happy. The best family breed ever.

    Golden Retriever is perfect for the stressful city life. They need AC, they need endless cuddles and they are going to be the happiest member of the family.

    Grooming, exercise needs and life expectancy

    Golden Retriever is a large dog with beautiful coat and adorable temperament. They are so loveable that people love to feed them and they love to eat, and therefore put on weight. Their grooming needs are not much. When they seasonally shed, you need to brush them everyday.

    Golden Retriever are a very healthy breed if properly bred. They tend to over eat and put on weight. If you provide proper nutrition and enough exercise they live up to 12-14 years.


    Golden Retrievers are very good with their family and people in general. They are friendly even to strangers. They love to be within the family in everything they do and play everywhere. They are very good for children. On one hand they are play companions, on the other hand they can be like nannies for kids, guides for the disables, listening companions for old people, and kids to the parents. They are amazing dogs for outdoor activities.

    If you want to fall in love with dogs as a species just bring home a Golden Retriever.