Recent Labrador Puppies

Want a Labrador puppy?

    Labrador in front of natural green background
    Breed Information


    Please do read the breed information on Golden Retriever so that you understood the difference between them and Labradors.

    They are both wonderful family dogs but Labs can stay alone, Golden Retrievers cannot.

    Another major difference is that Labradors are very good utility dogs. They work in bomb squads, search & rescue, and policing. Golden Retrievers are lovely family dogs, that's it.

    Grooming, exercise needs and life expectancy

    Labradors need minimal grooming. Their health is much better than the delicate Golden Retrievers. They do not suffer from the skin infections like Golden Retrievers.


    Labradors are very good with their family and people in general. Whether they are friendly to strangers depends on early socialising.  They are very good for children and other pets.

    It’s a wonderful dog for home.